How To Pack And Store Heat-Sensitive Items

Posted on: 15 January 2015

If you need to put some of your items in storage during the summer, it's important to know which items can survive the heat, and which need to be packed and stored more carefully. Items like sheets, towels and clothing will probably be perfectly fine in a non climate-controlled storage unit, but other items will quickly succumb to the elements if exposed to 90+ degree heat and humidity.

Here's a look at some common items that should always be placed into climate-controlled storage units if you're storing them in the summer, as well as a few tips for packing, transporting and storing each one safely.

Wall Art and Paintings

Heat and humidity can cause paintings to warp and may even cause the paint to peel away from the canvas. Don't put your wall art in a non-climate-controlled unit, even if just for a few days. You'll also want to avoid exposing it to excessive heat during transport.

Packing tips:

  • Wrap each painting or piece of wall art separately in a clean, white cotton cloth to prevent dust from accumulating.
  • Start your car or truck, and turn the air conditioning on. Let it cool off before loading the paintings, so they're not exposed to high temperatures.
  • Store paintings vertically. Don't stack them in boxes, as the pressure on the paintings lower in the pile may cause them to warp.

Leather Goods

Leather will quickly mold if placed in a hot and humid storage unit. Even in a climate-controlled unit, you need to pack it carefully to keep it in good condition.

Packing tips:

  • Clean your leather items carefully with a cleaner designed specially for leather before packing them up for storage. This will remove any mold spores, reducing the chance of molding and cracking.
  • Encourage leather boots to keep their shape by stuffing them with tissue paper before packing.
  • Pack leather items in a breathable container, such as a cardboard box, rather than in a well-sealed one.


If your books are not valuable and you're only storing them for a few weeks, they'll likely be okay in a non-climate-controlled unit. However, humidity and heat may cause the pages of your books to warp, so you will want to store valuable books in a climate-controlled unit to ensure they aren't damaged.

Packing tips:

  • Remove items from between the pages of books before you pack them to avoid creasing the pages or leaving traces of ink behind.
  • Never pack books on their spines. Always stack them on top of one another.
  • Don't spray your books with perfume or air freshener before packing them. Although this is common practice in an effort to prevent musty scents, the oils in these products may stain the pages.

Electronic Equipment

If your electronics are stored in a hot and humid environment and then cooled down, moisture may accumulate in their interiors, and this moisture may keep them from functioning. You might be willing to take the risk with small, non-valuable electronics like watches and calculators, but more expensive items like TVs, cell phones and computers require climate-controlled storage.

Packing tips:

  • If you have the original boxes from your large electronics, pack them back into these so you don't have to worry about them bouncing around.
  • Fill boxes with packing peanuts or even plain, popped popcorn to prevent electronics from jostling about and breaking.
  • Cool your vehicle down before loading your electronics, and unload them promptly when you reach the storage unit, as to avoid excessive changes in temperature.

The entire point of putting your items in storage is so that they are functional later on when you need them. By choosing a climate-controlled unit from a site like for heat-sensitive items and packing them properly, you save yourself a bundle on replacements. 


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