Apartment Denial: Is It Time For You To Start Packing?

Posted on: 2 June 2015

While moving may be one of life's biggest hassles, there are times when you really should throw in the towel on your current living quarters. Since your home plays a major role in your happiness, and happiness contributes to long-term health and well-being, you shouldn't settle. Examine the following  causes for relocation and if you nod your head in agreement to more than a few of them, it's time to start packing.

You Need More Space

You may be outgrowing your current home for various reasons, such as having another child or accumulating more belongings, but whatever the reason, living with a cramped style just doesn't equate to living happily for most people. Look on the outskirts of your city for a more spacious spread or consider an apartment that offers on-site storage.

Creepy Crawlers Are Creeping You Out

Unfortunately, your neighbors may not be as clean as you. Other people's habits can mean roaches for you and getting rid of them is next to impossible, particularly if your apartment manager isn't on top of the problem. Don't put up with this: Pests are unhealthy for you physically and mentally. Contact an exterminator and a moving services company, to obtain the best possible advice on how to vacate the premises without bringing bugs with you.

You Have Limited Access To Essential Places

Some neighborhoods are littered with convenience stores, without a single farmer's market in sight. If you find yourself opting for junk food because it's easier to get than something fresh and organic, look at a map of your city or town: The people who can more readily shop at healthy stores are going to live longer, have more energy and likely weight less than those near you and that alone is cause for migration.

You Have Unlimited Access To Violence Or Unsavory Characters

A few streets over within the same city can mean a major difference in the quality of life you experience. Your particular address may have even devolved in terms of peace and quiet since you moved in, thus, starting over someplace else seems logical. Noise pollution is detrimental and the constant threat of trouble weighs heavy: Get out before it takes its toll on your psyche.

You're Decorative Freedom Is Stifled

If you've settled in a place where splashing a coat of paint on the wall isn't allowed, think twice about staying. Color influences moods, to the extent that advertisers make a science out of trying to control shoppers with it! If you'd feel more relaxed and comfortable with lilac walls, seek and find a landlord that will allow it.

No Pets Are Allowed

Especially if you live by yourself, a pet can be a wonderful, even life-extending companion. Being allowed to have one is reason enough to go through the inconvenience of moving, as your life can be improved in numerous ways. Pets are therapy, comedians, companions and give more purpose to people's lives.

Repairs Are Slow In Coming, If Ever

The responsiveness of maintenance can either keep your place running smoothly or be the source of constant stress. When things are always breaking, but nobody ever seems to come to fix them, you're living in neglect. Screen your next home by asking specific questions of the prospective landlord and by asking current tenants how problems are handled.

You Can Save Money Living Elsewhere

Disparities in rent from one building to the next are mind-boggling and if you happen to hear about how much less others in comparable apartments and neighborhoods are spending, let it motivate you to move. A few hundred dollars a month is much better spent going towards your retirement or your kid's college fund, rather than in the pockets of a greedy landlord.

Moving companies help take a lot of the hassle out of relocating, so if you can relate too much to this list of grievances, it's time to call one and put yourself in a better place. Despite the time and complexity involved in moving, loving the place you call home will be well worth it.

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