Simple Tips That Will Make Packing And Unpacking A Lot Less Stressful

Posted on: 16 December 2015

There is no getting around the fact that planning and executing a move can be stressful. From making sure that you have enough boxes and tape to finding a reputable moving company you can trust with your pricey electronics and cherish personal belongings, moving can drive you crazy. You can't completely eliminate the stress of moving, but there are plenty of ways that you can make it easier. Here are a few simple tips to help take at least some of the stress out of packing and unpacking:

Packing Tips

The key to packing correctly isn't about getting the most stuff in the fewest number of boxes in the shortest amount of time. It is all about making it easier to get everything on the moving truck and then into your closets, dressers, and cabinets.

Here are a few simple tips to help you get through packing more efficiently and with less stress:

  • Used Two Sizes Of Boxes – The key to packing is to get two different size boxes: large and small. Fill the smaller boxes with the heavier items, such as books, and the larger boxes with smaller, lighter stuff, including linens and clothing. Packing this way will make it much easier to get all your boxes on the truck.

  • Use What You Have – There are times when boxes and packing tape will be indispensable. However, if you run out, there are plenty of things around the house that will do. For example, your suitcases are the perfect way to get your clothing or breakables to your new house. Instead of taking everything out of your dresser, leave it inside and simply lay the dresser flat and put it on the moving van.

  • Garbage Bags Are Key – When in doubt, grab a garbage bag to get your clothing and linens to your new house. Apartment Guide recommends not taking everything off the hangers in your closets and instead, bunch the clothing together in groups of four or five garments. Slide a garbage bag over the garments and throw them into your backseat. Once you're home, simply take off the garbage bags and hang up the garments.

  • Take Pictures Of Your Electronic Set-Up – Nothing is more annoying than trying to hook up all your electronics in your new house. Snap a few pictures of your current set-up and pull them out when it is time to hook up all your televisions, cable boxes and speaker systems at your new house.

Unpacking Tips

Now that you're done packing and have got all your stuff to your new house or apartment in one piece, it is time to begin the arduous task of unpacking. Here are a few simple tips to help you unpack in much less time and with much less stress:

  • Gather Everything You Need First – Before you unpack a single box, gather everything you need to make unpacking and organizing run more smoothly. This includes a box cutter, garbage bags and basic tools to assemble furniture. Your job will go more quickly if you don't have to constantly stop to gather supplies.

  • Make A Floor Plan For Every Room – Create a floor plan for every room in your new place – and stick to it. Once you have the plan, organize all of your furniture and move your boxes in front of the correct dressers and closets. This plan will make it much easier to unpack.

  • Set Aside A Storage Bin And Prepare To Reorganize – Grab a storage bin or two and use it to store everything in a room that was placed in the wrong box or things that you've decided to put in a storage bin or the attic. This bin will make it much easier for you to keep your new home well-organized.

Packing and subsequently unpacking all those boxes, bins and bags can be a stressful chore – but it doesn't have to be. Simply follow these tips and you'll get through this arduous task in much less time. For additional resources and information, click for more web pages to explore.


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