3 Telltale Signs You Need Extra Storage For Your Retail Business

Posted on: 17 June 2017

Even though many retailers will never consider commercial storage as a solution for their business, renting a few storage units could ease a lot of burdens in your daily business operations. Take a look at a few signs that your retail business could greatly benefit from having accessible storage available nearby.

Productivity in the warehouse area of your store is down.

The processes that take place in the warehousing and shipping and receiving area of your retail business are like the lifeblood of your whole operation. The employees in these areas that are unloading trucks, taking in merchandise, and filling back-flow shelves must be able to function efficiently and keep production numbers at a respectable rate. Unfortunately, if you have so much stock in the warehousing area that it inhibits the flow of new merchandise into the building, you have a problem that can affect the whole store. Renting a storage unit gives you the extra space you need to clear out some of the clutter and make work processes easier for your employees.

You have an issue with running out of stock on popular items.

If you have items in your store that sell out about as quickly as they are placed on the shelf, it means you need to keep a healthy supply stored in the backroom to pull from as needed. However, if what you make available on the shelf and what you have stored in the backroom depletes so quickly that you cannot keep the products available to customers, you could benefit from renting a storage unit. Having the extra storage will allow you to keep extra inventory of popular items close to your place of business so they can be retrieved as needed.

You are forced to clearance seasonal merchandise and take a loss.

Seasonal merchandise, such as pool supplies in the summer and snow sleds in the winter, are going to be in high demand every year, so it is only logical to keep this stuff on hand even after the season is over. If you don't have enough space for storing your seasonal merchandise, it typically means you have to clearance out all the products and sometimes even take a loss just because you have no room to keep it. Investing in a storage unit (try a place like Allen's Transfer) will give you the space you need to store this merchandise until it is once again in demand.


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