Is Hiring Local Movers Worth It?

Posted on: 1 June 2022

When planning a short-distance move, most people choose to call friends and family to help facilitate the relocation, hoping it will be cheaper than hiring local movers. And while inviting your loved ones to help you with a life-changing transition is an excellent way to bond, it isn't the most suitable way to go about your house move. Facilitating your move predisposes you to property loss and damage, disorganization, and a slow relocation. 

If you're not charging your friends and family for their help, they won't likely be incentivized to expedite the process. Moreover, since no one on your moving team will actually be a professional mover, you may deal with several injuries or have to rush someone to the emergency room. To avoid the hustle, you're better off hiring local movers; keep reading to learn why hiring local movers is worth it.

Access to All the Packing Supplies You Need

The greatest disadvantage of choosing to move on your own is having to purchase packing supplies. This will be time-consuming and force you to invest in supplies you'll only use once. 

You're better off hiring a moving company and having access to all the packing supplies you need. Your moving team will arrive at your home with enough packing boxes and cushioning materials to protect your delicate belongings from damage.

Guarantee One-Trip Relocation

If you choose to facilitate your move, you'll have to look for a truck to carry your belongings. And as a big household, you might end up having to endure multiple relocation trips before you can start settling down in your new house. However, if you hire a local moving company, you're assured of a one-trip relocation.

Before the moving day, the moving team assigned to you will come to assess how big the relocation will be. This way, they can come with a moving truck whose capacity can accommodate all your belongings in one go. This significantly saves you time and ensures you don't spend so much time on the road.

Prevent Road Accident

No matter how short the distance is to your new house, the fact that you have to use the roads means that there is a risk of an accident. Driving a large moving truck without prior experience endangers your life and risks significant property damage upon impact. You're better off hiring a local moving company that has seasoned truck drivers who follow road safety regulations and are well conversant with the local road routes.

If you're planning an intrastate relocation, consider hiring a local moving company.


Moving to the Dream Home

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