How To Prepare For Residential Moving Crew Services

Posted on: 13 June 2023

Contracting with a relocation service is a great way to take a load off during a move. When a residential moving crew assists, they literally take on the heavy lifting, and based on the services purchased with a contract, they can even help with packing, unpacking, and furniture setup in the new home. Before the crew arrives, there are a few things to consider to make moving easier for everyone. 

Coordinate Parking

On moving day, the crew needs access to a space big enough to park a large truck with a trailer. Some neighborhoods or planned communities restrict access to curbside loading to specific times of the day or limit the amount of time a moving truck can stay parked. Research any local codes or homeowner association regulations at both the point of departure and the destination to ensure the moving service is able to load and unload without an issue. This is particularly important if the crew will be working at either site solo.

Isolate Must-Have Items

A moving crew works methodically and is focused on getting the job done. This means they may not prioritize placement in the truck by the need for personal access. In the days before a move, start separating any items that you may need in the first several days at your new home. Prescription medicines, over-the-counter medicines, hygiene items, and pet supplies are all important to keep nearby during the transition.

Separate Valuables and Sensitive Documents

Reputable moving services strive to provide the best movers possible and limit the opportunity for accidents and the loss of goods. However, a misstep can happen. Separating more valuable items, such as fine jewelry, high-quality silverware, and small electronics makes it easier to keep your belongings organized. Pulling aside sensitive documents, such as birth certificates, credit cards, Social Security cards, old licenses, and insurance policy papers, is also a solid best practice. Transport these items independently to ensure safe transport and to keep them nearby if they are needed for any last-minute concerns at the new home, such as utility issues.

Pull Any Sentimental Items

Similarly, setting aside highly personal items can lend a degree of reassurance during a move, particularly if a cross-country trip is required. Photo albums, family artwork, and any treasured knick-knacks can be transported in a private vehicle and personally loaded and unloaded to ensure they make the journey. 

Consider Courtesy

While crews come prepared with everything needed to face a moving day, a little extra courtesy is often appreciated. When possible, keep bottled water available and ensure the home is at a comfortable temperature as boxes and furniture are loaded and unloaded.

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